Works Procedures


Work Procedure


Technical Department:

The technical department is responsible for the following fields:

1-       Tenders study

2-       Study of shop drawings & specifications

3-       Preparation of method of statement

4-       Transmittal of submittals


Procurement Department:


             1-The Procurement organization looks after the activities of Purchasing and supervises the following:

     2- Issue of purchase orders
  3- Reception on sites and store materials control


Quality Assurance / Quality Control:

 This department is under the direct control of Delta company top management.

It assures that works are carried up to the specified quality standard to well serve our customers.



Health and Safety personnel have the main target to get maximum level of safety, without accident.

In order to achieve this target, the safety officer is appointed to verify that the workers adhere to safety plan and ensures that  Delta Co. personnel attend the safety courses as required.


Project Department:

Upon signing a contract, a project manager will be assigned together with a team & technical & support staff.

The project manager will draw a plan & schedule for construction activities, prepare site facilities, prepare the list & specifications and materials and equipment.

The project manager will be coordinating the field activities as shown in the typical organization charts for project management. He will be the interface with the client to satisfy his needs, mean while he will be reporting to the Delta Co head quarters who in turn will be providing him with all services & support.

The quality assurance department will be monitoring the project performance to guarantee the adherence to the quality measures & project specifications.

Periodical progress reports as well as all types & daily records, correspondence will be managed & well archived.


Financial Department:

This department deals with all transactions, banks, clients, renders etc.

It keeps the company meeting its financial obligations, keep accounts in manageable way. The department also collects all revenues from the clients; it issues periodical reports to the company management.


Marketing Department:

This department gets involved in the market activities, explore the new business openings in the company field & follow up competed projects to ensure client satisfaction. 

The department prepares the proposal both technical –using the company resources & financial.

We have written internal procedures covering several fields of works:


1- Company objectives

2- Responsibility & works policy

3- Quality control requirements

4- Materials storage

5- Mechanical equipments safety

6- Safety guidelines

7- Health & environment requirements


Specific procedures according to client and project type are developed and strictly respected.


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