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DELTA Contractors

Project Operation Manual


Section No. Item

1        Introduction

2        Project Team

3        Communication

4        Insurance/Bonding

5        Submittals

6        Material Expediting

7        Program/Scheduling

8        Progress Payments

9        Site Project Meetings

10      Reports

11      Change Orders

12      Field Orders

13      Safety

14      Record Drawings/As Built Drawings

15      Sample Forms




The Operation Manual is an information source & ready reference guide to procedures & personnel involved in the construction of the project .

The procedures set forth in this Manual are designed to :

1.Aid communication & management of the projects.

2.Increase the efficiency of the construction process .

3.Expedite payments to Contractor.

4.Set forth examples of standard forms to be used.

The contents of this Manual are a part of the Contract Documents.

It is in the best interest of all concerned that the procedures be followed .

Clause numbers next to headings in this Manual refer to clauses in the Conditions of Contract . 











To keep the Employer , the Consultant & the Contractor continually aware of the progress , the plans & construction of the project.


The Consultant will be represented on the project site by a field manager . Any reference to the Consultant’s field manager shall refer specially to the field manager assigned to the project .

All communication on the project site-whether written or spoken should go through the Consultant’s field manager.

Written correspondence from the Consultant to the Contractor will be directed to , the Contractor’s site manager , who is designed as the official representative with power at attorney to act in the Contractors behalf.

There shall be no communication from the Contractor directly to the employer – all communications shall be between the Contractor’s site project manger & the Consultants field manager.


All communication within the Consultant’s & the Contractor’s main offices shall be between the Consultant & the Contractor’s site project manager.

Written correspondence should be directed  to the project director of the Consultant.

These communications procedures do not apply to submittals which are discussed in Section 5.  




The insurance shall start at the commencement of the contract & shall remain in force to the completion of the project , including the period of maintenance .

Such insurance shall be effected with an insurance company incorporated in or having an Agency in Egypt & in terms approved by the Employer & the Consultant.

The Contractor shall provide for inspection by the Consultant at the commencement of work , the policy or policies of insurance& the receipt for payment of the current premiums.


Bonding requirements are defined in the general conditions of contract .

Performance Bond in the sum of 10% of the bid sum shall be obtained fifteen days after acceptance by the employer of the Contractor’s bid from a bank approved by the Employer . The Bond will remain valid during the contract period plus the guarantee period.

Other bonds are as defined in the above mentioned general conditions of contract .





The Contractor shall submit reasonable promptness & in orderly sequence one reproducible transparency & six sets of all shop drawings including fabrication , erection & layout drawings as required by the contract documents & /or subsequently by the Consultant as covered by modifications .

All shop drawings shall be properly identified as specified & submitted for approval .

The Consultant’s preliminary approval must be obtained in writing for any & all deviations from the plans & / or specifications prior to the time of submittal .Where possible submittals under each specification number should be made at one time ( not fragmented ).

The field manager may instruct the Contractor to forward transparency & 2 copies to either .


Four each of all samples as required by clause of the condition of the contract & by the technical specifications are to be submitted  along with four copies of manufactures descriptive data including catalogue sheets for materials equipment & fixtures , showing dimensions , performance characteristics & capacities , wiring diagrams & controls , schedules & other pertinent information as required .

Samples for materials originating in Egypt will be processed by , utilizing the same procedure are stated above for submittals .


 Each submittal shall include the following information :

Project name

Specification section , number & description

Contractor’s name , address & phone number

Title of submittal

Date of submittal

The Consultant will be available for collection by the Contractor one reproducible transparency along with one copy (if approved ) of all shop drawings & / or three samples along with three copies of all descriptive data , catalogue sheet for materials equipment & fixtures showing dimension , performance characteristics & capacities , wiring diagrams & controls , schedules & other pertinent information appropriately noted & stamped as required as follows:


The engineer will maintain a complete up-date file of all approved submittals at the engineer’s on-site office.





Expediting of materials & equipment shipments is the responsibility of the Contractor . As soon as an approved submittal is returned to the Contractor , he shall immediately place the materials & / or equipment on order . After ordering the item , the Contractor must expedite delivery .

The Contractor must notify the Consultant’s field manager immediately of any delivery dates or delayed approvals . The Consultant may request information on specific orders, or delivery lead time .

This information will be used to monitor material & equipment deliveries as well as coordinating & scheduling the work in the field .

The Contractor will be required to submit & periodically update a material delivery summary indicating materials ordered , date ordered purchase order numbers, expected delivery dates & actual delivery dates.


The storage of materials is the responsibility of the Contractor . He should provide secured facilities which are both weatherproof & vandalproof . Sufficient storage facilities shall be provided for all materials .





As soon as practical the Contractor shall submit to the Consultant for his approval a program showing the order of procedure & method in which he proposes to carry out the works & shall whenever required by the Consultant , furnish for his information particulars in writing of the Contractor’s arrangement for the carrying out of the works & of the Constructional plant & temporary works which the Contractor intends to supply use or construct for the completion of the Contract . The submission to & approval by the Consultant of such program or the furnishing of such particulars shall not relieve the Contractor of any of his duties or responsibilities under the Contract .


Because time is a vital part of this project , a construction schedule is required . The work will be monitored by the schedule which will be of the critical path or precedence network diagramming techniques . The purpose is to provide a comprehensive planning tool to have the project completed on time . The existence of schedule &network diagrams does not in any way relieve the Contractor of the responsibility of meeting any requirements of the contract . The Contractor will submit his schedule to the Consultant for approval . The schedule will describe the Contractor’s construction sequence for the project , including activities concerned with submittals , approvals , shipping , delivery of materials & mobilization of workers & plant . The final completion date & / or work duration as established will not be changed . The Contractor will execute the work as is appropriate. Change  to the schedule will only be made with the authorization of the Consultant’s field manager .

The Consultant’s field manager will meet the Contractor & assist in the development of the schedule which be prepared in a manner acceptable to the Consultant & which facilities input to the Consultant’s project control systems .

The Contractor will based on the construction schedule , provide to the Consultant a cash flow projection updated monthly .

The schedule will be updated monthly .

The schedule will be presented during weekly site meetings to review upcoming work.




Prior to the Contractor’s first application for payment, the Contractor must complete & submit a ‘Schedule  of values “ to the Consultant . The approved schedule of values will serve as the basis for the Contractor’s application for payment . Percentages of work completed will be used in evaluating each monthly application for payments.

The Contractor will after review with the field engineer invoice monthly for all work completed to date & accepted & materials on site. Employer will pay 100 percent of total value constructed & 75 percent of value of materials or equipment delivered & stored on site . Then the advance payment proportion & retainage will be deducted from this amount . All monthly applications for payment shall be forwarded to the Consultant’s field manager on the 25th day of each month . The field manager will review & submit the approved application for payment with reasonable promptness but in any case not more than ten days after receipt . Payment will be made directly to the Contractor twenty eight days from the date of the payment certificate .

Te Contractor must complete an application & certificate for payment in quintuplicate ( original plus four copies ) for each progress payment .

The application form must be signed by authorized representative of the Contractor in the appropriate place & dated to correspond with the date the request is submitted to the Consultant’s field manager .

The application for payment will be reviewed for the following :

1.Work completed

2.Stored materials ( bills of sale or such other procedures satisfactory to the employer to establish the employer’s title . etc)

3.Contract amount

4.Change orders ( must be approved by all parties )

5.Schedule of values

6.Compliance with contract documents

7.Previous application for payments

8.Completeness of forms

9.Mathematical check

All payments shall be paid by the employer .




To report the status of the project & to coordinate field operations.


The site project meeting will be conducted by the Consultant’s field manager on Monday of each week . Agenda items should be turned in by the field engineer & the Contractor to the Consultant’s field manager no later than the Saturday preceding the meeting . The agenda will be distributed by the Consultant’s field manager on Sunday . Minutes will be recorded & copies will be distributed to all parties concerned by Wednesday of the same work week .


The Consultant’s project field office.


Monthly to coordinate the progress of the work in relation to defined goals of cost & schedule .


Appropriate representatives of the Consultant & the Contractors should attend every meeting .

Other people will be asked to attend as the situation requires .



Review of previous meeting minutes ( old business )

Review of safety conditions


Review of actual progress compared to project schedule

Shop drawings

Review of the status of shop drawing submittals

Change orders

Review of the latest contract changes

Review of the status of pending change orders & quotations

Review of specific coordination or construction problems with other Contractors

Other new business


Special meetings may be called whenever considered necessary by the Consultant for the purpose of coordinating specific information or resolving special problems related to the project.




To keep the employer & the Consultant aware of the activities of the project . In addition to the following periodic reports other specific reports may be requested by the Consultant.



The Contractor shall maintain & submit daily to the Consultant’s site engineer a daily report on the form presented which will serve as a permanent record of the daily occurrences.

This report shall include but not be limited to weather conditions , visitors , designation of work accomplished , meeting , list & quantities of equipment used , number of personnel on site by trade categories , accidents , etc.


By the seventh day of each month , the Contractor shall provide to the Consultant a monthly report covering the previous months operation . The report will be divided into three sections .

1.Contract management


3.Cost schedule

A- Contract management

This section will be further subdivided into sections

1- Field engineer’s summary

2-Monthly status of submittals

3-Safety report

4-Monthly summary of labor hours expended for crafts during the previous month & a cumulative total of all hours expended to date .

5-Monthly summary of quantities of major items expended during the previous month & a cumulative total of all such quantities expended to date

6-Quality control summary of tests performed & inspections.

B-Schedule control

The schedule control section shall include the following:

Level 1 General

a-General level status statement minimum information included:

1.Start date

2.Current required project completion date

3.Current projected completion date

4.Current completion status

5.Change in status from preceding month

6.Target increase for preceding month

7.Target increase for following month

8.Progress statement on each system currently

b-Graphic information

1.Bar chart (showing each system i.e. structure shell , mechanical , electrical, elevators, finishes , etc

2.Completion flow chart


c-Cost control

The cost control section shall be subdivided into three subsection :

1.Progress billings information contained in the monthly application for payment will be included here .

a.Contractual obligation

b.Change orders


2.Status of change orders




3.Update of project cash flows





The employer without invalidating the contract may order changes in the work within the general scope of the contract consisting of any of the following revisions , the contract sum & the contract time being adjusted accordingly. The contract sum & the contract time may be changed only by change order .

All such changes in the work shall be authorized by change order & shall be executed under the applicable conditions of the contract documents . No such variation shall be made by the Contractor without a change order signed by the employer .


The source of a proposed change can originate with the employer the engineer of the Contractor .

The forms to be used in submitting or quoting on a change order proposal & in the issuance of an agreed upon change order are illustrated in exhibit .

All forms to & from the Contractor will be processed through the engineer ‘s field manager .

After the engineer has reviewed the scope of changes , the justification of same & the cost &/or time involved , the engineer will forward a recommendation to the employer . If & when the employer is satisfied with the change order proposal , a change order form will be proposed & forward to the Contractor for this signature & immediate return to the engineer . The change order is not completed until all signatures have been obtained .

When the Contractor submits an itemized cost breakdown involving any of the quantities of work quoted in the Contractor’s bid & as modified in the minutes of the meetings attached to the contract , unit prices will be used in preparing the cost break down in accordance with the terms of the contract documents .

A copy of the approved & signed change order will be transmitted to the engineer by the Contractor.

Processing of minor changes in the work not requiring a change order is described in section 12.

At no time is the Contractor to delay the processing of the work as specified in the original contract documents pending the anticipated receipt of a change order , unless the Contractor is specifically notified to stop work in writing by the engineer & as authorized by the employer .




In accordance with conditions of contract , the engineer shall have authority to order minor changes in the work not involving an adjustment in the contract sum or an extension of the contract time & not inconsistent with the intent of the contract documents . Such changes may be effected by field order or by other written order . Such changes shall be binding on the employer & the Contractor .

The Engineer may issue written field orders which interpret the contract documents or which order minor changes in the work without change in contract sum or contract time . The Contractor shall carry out such field orders promptly .

The Engineer’s Field manager will issue all field orders to the Contractor on a field order form as per the attached exhibit . A complete record of all field orders will be maintained at the project site office .




The Contractor shall submit within 30 days after signing the contract , a safety manual detailing all safety procedures that will be enacted . This shall include ,but not be limited to monthly reports  onsite meetings with construction workers , management meetings , etc.

The Contractor shall be entirely responsible for & shall allow for all costs incurred for providing safety precautions on the site whether these be required under or by virtue of the provisions of any enactment , regulation or not & he shall ensure that these precautions are strictly complied with .

The Contractor shall assign a senior management employee as safety officer on the works who will be responsible for the enforcement of safety regulations & the general safety provisions for all his own personnel , the engineer & his representatives & visitors on the site.

The Contractor shall arrange for industrial safety helmets to be provided for use by all personnel on site including the engineer & the employer . The Contractor shall ensure that helmets are worn by all persons on site . Helmets shall be provided to the employer’s representatives .


The Contractor shall within 24 hours of the occurrence of any accident involving serious injury at or about the site or in connection with the execution of the works report such accident to the engineer & the employer . The Contractor shall also report to the competent authority whenever such report is required by law . Accidents will also be recorded in the daily report & in the monthly safety report .


The Contractor shall be entirely responsible for safeguarding the works & all temporary facilities & for controlling all personnel on the site .


The Contractor shall provide for all costs incurred by complying with all health & welfare regulation appertaining  to all personnel on site whether these be required under or by virtue of the provisions of any enactment regulation or not & he shall ensure that these provisions are strictly complied with first aid facilities shall be provided & maintained on the site . This shall include , but not be limited to emergency for this type of facility , available to all on-site personnel including the employer & engineer

The Contractor shall provide & maintain in approved positions on the site adequate sanitary accommodation to the approval of the engineer . Foul drainage from sanitary accommodation will be piped to collecting tanks as required to the approval of the engineer . Collecting tanks will be emptied by sewage disposal trucks & such work shall be to the requirements of the engineer . The sanitary accommodation shall be removed on completion of the works & all such areas shall be chemically treated & completely backfilled to the satisfaction of the engineer .



The Contractor shall conform to the regulations of the employer & any other controlling authority in force at the site of the works with respect to the precautions to be taken against fire hazards.  




The Contractor is responsible for maintaining a set of contract drawings at the project site , with changes or deviations from the original drawings neatly marked in a contrasting color .

This is a separate set of drawings not to be used for construction . The record drawings must be kept up-to-date on a daily basis as the job progresses & available for periodic inspection by the engineer . Upon completion of the contract work this set of record drawings is to be delivered to the engineer where they are reviewed & submitted to the employer .


At the intervals requested by the engineer , the Contractor shall provide to the engineer into tracing of the contract documents incorporating all changes recorded on the record drawings .

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